5 Things Your Alpha Man Fears Sharing With You and Why
October 3, 2017
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Over the past month I’ve personally had one on one conversations with close to 100 speakers wanting to become paid public speakers. Each of them contacted me excited about taking their messages to the stage and getting paid for it. Well not all of them, some have spoken for years and some have just begun to get their feet wet, while most of them have never spoken at all. In these conversations with these speakers you learn commonalities that they share. There was one commonality that stood out the absolute most and the thing about this commonality is that it literally kept these people from delivering their message to the world and being compensated for it.

Wait before I jump into it


I want to say that these are people who each one literally shared with me a message that the world needs to hear, not only on a stage but in a training seminar, a coaching session, through books and etc. From helping local business owners in their communities of Barbados to informing parents about the severity of sibling bulling causing 20 million hospital visits per year because of it.
Their messages are dope!

So here’s what aspiring speakers need to know


The reason you aren’t putting yourself on stage and then when you do not getting paid to be on stage is because “You lack evidence that it will actually work!”
Since you’ve never been paid to get on stage and speak on what you know, you don’t have the reassurance that you could be out here making a living off of it. At the core of it sits a fear of uncertainty. Think about sitting in a car and being told to go somewhere you’ve never been before all while expecting to get there in a short amount of time. You’ll get out the car.  This is also commonly attached to the fear of success, because you don’t think you’re really capable of pulling it off and being that dominant speaker on stage people rave about and children are inspired by.

So here’s how it goes


You stay up late one night listening to Les Brown, Tony Robins, Lisa Nichole, Been Brown or whoever. Then you wonder off into a Ted talk.
Now you’ve finally had it (angry face) they may be good at speaking, however they are missing out on key elements you’re an expert on or have experience in that could really bring the subject matter home!
So you get the idea that you could get on stage after getting some reassurance by your friends, you start seeking out groups or people that help get you on the big stage or at least started.
If you’re someone used to formalized training then you seek out organizations such as toastmasters.
Then you start writing out what you want to talk about.
The opportunity comes up for you to finally get the chance to speak, all you have to do is make a submission and…. You freeze, you allow doubt to set in and now you’re in comatose of your fear. So you don’t make the submission then you beat yourself up afterwards telling yourself how unprepared and not ready for this you are.
Then you come across an opportunity like mine where I give a free copy of my public speaking masterclass where I help first time speakers get on stage and win over the audience to get paid.
So you enroll and then you open the first email to the audio…. Then you hear that it includes something you didn’t anticipate… Work and concentrated work at that. You soon find out the speaking business has a business side like any other ambition.
So you put the idea on hold and stop opening up the reminder of the emails.
As the world continues to turn and those who have less skill than you do in that subject area continues to dominate stages!

Now what are you going to do about it?

The key to becoming a paid speaking is persistence and patience.
I’ve found the few who stayed on board, keep opening my emails and sign up for more calls with me actually start to uncover what those who started off with them don’t and that’s “evidence”.
They gain evidence that this could work because while talking to me I show them exactly what prospects are looking for, I show them exactly what they need to be speaking on and I give them an exact time frame of when to start seeing results. That’s when it all starts to become clear for them and as they execute on objectives, they start to see the growth and results of them getting further and further in their speaking careers.
See the trick is not trying to become what you see on Ted talks overnight because their overnight success was a decade long process. Hiring coaches and people to show you the way could split that time in half. Either way you build yourself into that paid public speaker who’s sought after, you don’t wake up to them.  Simply by starting somewhere and doing the work. Your best bet is to build under the guise of a validated coach or proven speaker as a mentor because trial and error is a grotesquely expensive route.
Does this make sense to you so far?

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