About me

Demecos Chambers is too familiar with adversity and overcoming fear. Originally from Concord, North Carolina, but growing up on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia as the oldest of three with an absent father, Demecos watched first- hand as his mother was abused for 14 years of his life by her boyfriend. One day, at age 14, he decided to get beyond his fear of size and jumped towards his mother’s boyfriend to prevent him from striking her. It worked, and not only did he prevent the physical abuse at that moment, but for the remainder of the relationship, until it ended.
One of the most defining moments of his life was at age 21, when Demecos lived in section 8 housing with his single mother and 12 other people. He was a high school dropout with no car, working as an overnight security guard on the weekends. While sleeping on a couch in the garage of his mother’s house, Demecos decided that in order to better himself and help his family out of poverty, he needed to live away from them and grow exponentially. Demecos understood that to accomplish the kind of success wanted to have most in life; the fear of not being able to survive on his own, isolation, commitment and rejection were the fears he realized that he must beat that stared him right in the face daily. Three years later, at age 24, Demecos had attained his GED and his first house. After leaving his corporate job of four years, at age 25, he started his second business. To accomplish his goals, Demecos has fought adversity and beat fear after fear his entire life.
Prior to becoming a Courage Coach, Demecos worked for five years in the corporate world for a project telecommunications company and IT services. In 2016 alone Demecos has been a keynote speaker at Lockheed Martin, he’s coached Oprah’s made famous matchmaker Paul Brunson and currently trains Public Safety professionals in areas of self-development, stress management and fear conversion. He’s mentored at Kipp Academy and now co-owns his own mentorship program Father Figures Of: Atlanta.

“I come from a place where hope was scarce, positive examples were few and dreams were discouraged. I’ve seen what the residue of hell looks like on earth first hand. I decided at a young age, that with much hard work and adversity, I would see it through that I bring the experience of heaven to the lives of all that I come into touch with. That within every depressed person is suppressed freedom, within every seemingly weak woman there is un-formidable strength, within every defeated man there is overlooked ability and within every forsaken teenager and child there is greatness!”
—- Coach Demecos Chambers