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August 13, 2017
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5 Things Your Alpha Man Fears Sharing With You and Why

Believe it, or not, most Alpha Men have fears that they keep hidden from their companions. Companions should acknowledge that these areas of fear exist and provide a comforting space for their Alpha Male to share. Choosing to uplift and support him, instead of emasculating him for his honesty can result in positive benefits for both parties. As both an expert in fear-confrontation, and an Alpha Male myself, I’ve compiled a list of six non-negotiables one should know when trying to love an Alpha Male:

  1. He’s sensitive– Being “sensitive” has negative a negative stigma, but is a skill. The ability to detect when somethings wrong with others, including yourself, is a necessity.

Why this fear exists? Because he feels you fell in love with the bravado version of him, and anything less will drive you away.

  1. He loves when you compliment him on how he looks– Men are emotional as women, and arguably more emotional than women. Showing a man that you desire him, especially  by physically complimenting him, will boost his self-esteem and testosterone and allow him to be even be more masculine.

Why this fear exists? Fishing for compliments comes off as tacky, overly self-absorbed or that someone has a low self-esteem. Let alone a man of this caliber requesting compliments from his woman is beneath what’s expected of him. People think he wakes up and pisses excellence, not knowing that he initially misses the target every time. So instead of feeling inadequate about himself due to the expectation, he’s learned to accept your silence and normal romantic routine as appreciation for his physical appeal.

  1. He doesn’t know what to do sometimes– Whether it’s something as serious as a detrimental financial crisis, or something as small as deciding which restaurant to choose for dinner, He doesn’t always have the answers, nor does he truly know which decision will actually work.


Why this fear exists? The societal expectation is that the man is “supposed” to take the lead. Society neglected to tell him that doesn’t mean he will always be in lead. An Alpha Man may also feel he’s not living up to his “manly expectations” by failing to choose. So, he stalls, hesitates. And even occasionally steals alone time until he figures something out. He typically feels he feels he has to do this individually and swiftly.

  1. He’s into sexually taboo things– This might include sexual activities that aren’t common to most “men, Alpha Men especially find themselves in this predicament. According to “Mating In Captivity”,  men and women often exhibit an alternative version of themselves in the bedroom because sex lowers inhibitions.

Why this fear exists? This is a man who he knows is revered by his lady. He doesn’t want to do anything that would ruin that admiration in him, even if that means sexually suffering. He might’ve heard you make a remark that even mocks or ridicules men who like the sexual things he’s interested in trying with you. Knowing you look down on men who participate in such acts in the bedroom forces him to keep his desires tucked inside.

  1. What you said during the last argument hurt his feelings– We all say things in the heat of the moment that don’t  always reflect our best character. When you said those words to him, it caused him to have what seemed to bean overreaction. In reality,  he was truly hurt and you may have triggered a past traumatic experience for him. Without acknowledging it, he’ll forgive you, but he won’t forget the words you said.

Why this fear exists? He knows that he has to be the bigger person more often than not.He also tries to consider how you feel at ta particular time.. He’s not use to being vocal about everything that affects him, because he doesn’t want to be viewed as a complainer. It’s the fear of oversharing and you responding negatively, that’s causing him to swallow and suppress. You probably won’t hear about it again until another big blow up.

Your alpha male has aspects of him that need cultivation and with your help and reassurance he can get there. Confronting the fears that hinder his living experience will help transform your alpha male into a renaissance man because avoiding them will cause him to continuously shrink into a tool.


Edited by: Zikia Jones-Martin

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